Technology Landscaping Studies

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Technology Landscaping Studies

Again, as a standalone offering or building on one of the other service offerings, ITF is uniquely positioned to assess the technology landscape for individual or multiple technologies and to provide comprehensive study reports. With access to a large global research and development resource, we can identify key research organisations and technologies as well as uncover the state-of-the-art if it exists.

A Technology Landscaping Study would typically include some or all of the following elements:

  • Statement of Need (defining technology challenge and their justification);
  • State-of-art analysis and level of qualification;
  • Identify Industry challenges and gaps;
  • Identify emerging technologies - inside and out with the Oil and Gas Industry;
  • Identify technology developers; their expertise and current activities;
  • Describe commercial context and highlight technical and commercial benefits of emerging technologies.


On behalf of a Member company, ITF produced a detailed Technology Landscape Study on ‘Methane Hydrates’ – including noting the key research being undertaken globally. Similarly, a landscaping study on ‘Downhole Oil and Water Separation’ was provided as a mechanism to understand the current state of the art.

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