Running Projects

We have a number of ongoing Joint Industry Project’s (JIPs) where ITF are working in partnership alongside with our members, technology developers and other oil and gas industry participants.

The table below details the project titles and the technology developers we are currently working with.  These projects have been funded and are now under way, but if you would like further information on a particular JIP or are interested in becoming a late participant please contact us.

Running Projects:

ITF Code Acronym Developer Project Title
3647 COMPSTRUCT Rockfield Software Computational Modelling of Structural Geology Applications
3431 PETGAS 3 University of Leeds Petrophysics of Tight Gas Sandstones Phase II
3477 QUAFF Phase 2 University College Dublin Quantification of 3D Fault Zone Geometries and their incorporation in Modelling Practice
4798 V-SLIM/V-IR Viper Subsea The development of an electrical integrity monitoring device capable of being retrofitted to subsea control systems and communicating data direct to topside or to a local diver or ROV held transponder
4784 OSORB REGEN Produced Water Absorbents Inc Techno-Economical Evaluation, Design and Construction of an Offshore Osorb Regeneration Package
4787 HMEWS Phase 4 Heriot-Watt University Hydrate Safety Margin Monitoring and Early Detection Systems - Phase 4
4849 MOBILEspan Phase 2 Subsea Engineering Associates Pty Ltd Examining the effects adn mitigation of free spans on pipelines.
3537 Fullwave Gamechanger II Imperial College Fullwave seismic inversion project
3632 LowSal EOR Heriot-Watt University EOR by Low Salinity Water Injection - Activation of Natural Surfactants of Crude
4858 SURFIM Wood The SURF IM Network facilitates face-to-face and virtual forums for knowledge sharing and delivering solutions to subsea integrity and reliability challenges, focusing particularly on subsea hardware.
1469 CDFC Confidential Dual Function Camera
4806 CLiP-MC Hydratight Mechanical connector for CLAD/ Lined CRA pipelines
4949 HyJumper University of Western Australia Hydrate Deposit Growth in Subsea Jumpers
4872 Pipeline Anchoring Technology Crondall Energy Subsea Pipeline Anchoring Technology Strategy