NSRI Hackathon Aberdeen: Small Pools

10 November 2015

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NSRI HackathonNSRI Hackathon 2

Hackathons are a collaborative coming together in a workshop of wide segment of the oil and gas subject matter experts. The ambition being to contribute to solutions that might enable the exploitation of small pools of hydrocarbons that cannot be presently exploited by virtue of their distance to existing infrastructure, their reservoir complexity or they are uneconomic because of their size. 

The format for the day will entail an opening address defining the goals of the workshop.  The results of an economic study which has identified the "Size of the prize” for the supply chain in terms of CAPEX figures will be presented. Thereafter, three oil field development scenarios will be outlined by three operators who presently can’t make these fields economically viable. Having defined the  issues the audience will breakout into work groups to discuss various themes of focus.  

The themes are: 

Engineering & Flow Assurance
Process & Chemistry
Subsea Production Systems
Subsea, Umbilical, Risers & Flowlines
Surface Facilities, Modifications & Stand-alone
Operating & Production 

The themes will be chaired by NSRI STAGs (Subsea Technology Advisory Group), amongst others. 

The anticipated outcome is that a comprehensive list is generated capturing the ideas that will be subsequently screened to prioritise the efforts in the short, medium and long term.  Efficiency (cost reduction) measures will be undertaken immediately and in the medium term, new technology  will be qualified and de-risked as much as possible prior to being implemented in field trials.  Equally immature ideas will be identified and nurtured for potential future adoption. 

We invite you to bring your most innovative people to contribute to the exploitation of small pools challenge.

Email info@nsri.co.uk to note your interest in Hackathon attendance and to submit your ideas if you cannot attend.

Event location

Village Hotel , Prime Four, Kingswells, AB15 8PJ, United Kingdom

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