Hardide Coatings

posted 10 Dec 2014

We are delighted to announce that Hardide Coatings are one of our sponsors for the 2015 Technology Showcase.

Hardide Coatings produce advanced surface engineering coatings that protect the internal and external surfaces of components from wear, erosion and acidic corrosion.   Applied by low-temperature gas-phase deposition of nano-particulate tungsten carbide/tungsten, the binder-free coatings offer a unique combination of ultra-hardness, excellent toughness and ductility in one material.  Complex shapes and non line-of-sight surfaces can be uniformly coated, enabling a level of design flexibility that is not possible with alternative coating technologies.  The ‘as coated’ surface finish provides a smooth surface texture that can be polished to a super /mirror finish without the need for grinding.

The coatings are used extensively on directional drilling tools with mud-driven hydraulic parts and in other drilling and flow control applications where wear, erosion, corrosion or galling cause part failure and downtime. The coatings are seal-friendly and reduce wear of counter-body materials.  They are widely recognised as an environmentally compliant alternative to hard chrome plating.


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