ITF Brand Evolution

posted 24 May 2016

A note from our CEO, Dr Patrick O'Brien

During the latter part of 2015 we set out with an initiative to evolve our brand in line with the ongoing changes within ITF.  The core of our business remains the provision of a collaborative industry mechanism to develop new technology through a membership model.  However, we are implementing new capabilities and more flexible mechanisms to enable the wider industry to engage with our technology activities and to serve our members better.  We are putting in place services to provide a more comprehensive support to the business of technology development.  These services include the clear articulation of a technology challenge backed up by member and industry engagement in its formation, the establishment of a business case and technology roadmap for its solution, the identification of technology solution providers and the implementation of collaborative projects for developing, testing, trialling and qualifying new technologies.  Our plan is to strengthen and make active our engagement with technology developers on an international scale through the launch of a new Technology Innovation Network.  In this way, we can become an effective source of innovation for our members and by providing a platform to share knowledge on field trial and first adopt outcomes, we help to accelerate the uptake of new and much needed technology for our industry.  Furthermore, our joint industry projects provide an effective mechanism to enable end-user input to the development of new technology, and engagement by multiple industry partners in these projects signals and stimulates the venture capital community to invest at multiple scale the funds needed to get these technologies developed and implemented in the field.
In the above context of change and development within ITF, we sat down with our team of designers at Lighthouse to initiate a brand evolution with the twin purpose of signalling this change to the industry and simply refreshing and modernising the ITF brand.  We deconstructed the ITF logo, realising in the above context that sharing and collaboration lies at the heart of ITF.  Furthermore, we recognised that success required effective engagement with three key partners, namely our members, our technology developers through our Technology Innovation Network, and a set of key industry stakeholders.  Hence, our now ITF logo includes as a signature item a modified sharing symbol that evokes connections and provides a triple colour pattern to indicate our key stakeholders.  While the letters of the logo have changed, they are still formed in a way that recognises the original logo shape and heritage of ITF.  We hope that you like it and that it signifies the correct evolution of ITF for a new and changing industry.

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