ITF releases Brazil-focused Call for Proposals: Water Production Challenges

posted 24 Sep 2013

In response to technology challenges presented by ITF Member Companies based in Brazil,  ITF is running a Call for Proposals activity focusing on developing new and innovative solutions to flow assurance issues, specifically those related to the production of water. An ITF workshop, held on 18 June 2013 in Rio de Janeiro and attended by ITF operator and service companies, identified a number of areas of concern for operators working in Brazil.

The main areas of concern identified as the big challenges affecting flow assurance and production in Brazil:

  • Water Production
  • Hydrates
  • Heavy Oil
  • Thermal Energy Management

Other areas of identified concern included:

  • Wax
  • Asphaltenes
  • Scale
  • Corrosion and abrasive contents
  • Slugging

Water Production was highlighted as the key area to address as Call 1, however the other identified areas (above) will be addressed through future ITF activities and Calls.

This Call focuses on the water production issues of flow assurance from the reservoir through the completion and the production well.  This would therefore encompass challenges such as: getting the products out of the reservoir, through the near-wellbore area, into the wellbore and up to the wellhead.  Issues can arise due to the two phase (liquid and gas) nature of the fluids that is removed from the well. There are many challenges related to flow assurance, but the main challenge is to prevent any issues that cause the reduced or ceased production.  In deeper water, flow assurance becomes a significantly greater constituent in production economics.

In order to encourage R&D investment in Brazil, ANP (Agência Nacional do Petróleo) imposes a clause on concession agreements stating that oil and gas companies should invest in Brazil a minimum amount of 1% of the gross revenue derived from the production of large fields. At least 50% of that amount should be invested in universities and other R&D related institutions authorised by ANP, and the remainder may be applied for R&D projects with industry and their own R&D projects. With this in mind, ANP is encouraging all qualifying organisations to submit technology proposals in response to this Call and will be providing ITF with guidance and support for the duration of this Call activity.

This invitation to respond is open to all relevant industry sectors and all credible entities from small and medium sized enterprises, to academic and research institutions, to large industry players alike. However, to be eligible for funding, the project must be run in Brazil and/or the project proposer (or at least one partner) must be a Brazilian entity - that is the company must be resident in Brazil.

For full details on how to participate, please review the Call document:

Flow Assurance in the Production of Oil and Gas - Water Production

If you would like to discuss any matters related to this call or any other issue related to ITF, please contact the Technology Challenge Manager and primary contact point for this Call:

Keith Mackie
Operations Director 

t: +44 (0) 1224 222418